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H.M. "Cyber & Communication" (2019)   


Comments and inquiries welcome.


My images are available for purchase, and are printed in closed editions of 9 by size.  All images are printed on museum-quality archival stock, are signed and dated by the photographer, and come mounted and matted. Size options, exact dimensions, prices, and ingratiating banter are available on request.  


To ask about a particular image, please use the form below and include the image's exact title and gallery. It is also helpful to include the page hyperlink where you found the shot.  If you are that Nigerian widow again, hoping that I might accept a great deal of money from you as a kindness, then this time please just pick a picture you like, providing the hyperlink with money order, and it can be printed for you the size of Arkansas. 


Thank you for your interest in my work.  





NOTE - I regret that it is not possible for me to:

Read manuscripts, write articles or take nude pictures to order, photograph wedding parties or newborns if pudginess will be a factor, write forewords or introductions, make statements for publicity purposes, do any kind of editorial work, judge contests, grant interviews to critics, detectives or vampires, take part in writers' conferences or municipal governance roundtables unless screaming is okay, take part in symposiums or wood panels, smile for the camera, contribute manuscripts or images for sales, donate copies of my out-of-print book to libraries or burnings, autograph works by strangers, allow my name to be spoken aloud on the internet, disclose behavioral data for ad targeting formulae, or supply opinions on any subject, including but not limited to the literary cage match prospects of Edmund Wilson versus Harold Bloom in the afterlife. Can't we all just get along? 


H.M. "The Conversation" (2019)       


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