Painting "Airport Runway, Collapsed to Two Dimensions" by Hunter Madsen

"Airport Runway, Collapsed to Two Dimensions"


Quite in contrast to the way proper distance perspective was confounded in the preceding image, "Double Perch," the image "Airport Runway..." projects an unusual feeling of spacial depth in the ordinary two-dimensional space of a photograph. It manages this, first, by displaying ordinary perspective lines grooved into the airport tarmac that extend forth, as the eye expects, to the upper horizon, and then compounding the sense of depth further through the misleading presence of painted lines that happen to converge even more aggressively with the tarmac grooves.  The lovely result is to take a plain bit of runway and fill it deceptively with dynamic motion.



TITLE - "Airport Runway, Collapsed to Two Dimensions"
WHERE - San Diego, California (2017)