"Astral Tarp" by Hunter Madsen

"Astral Tarp"


We take it as curious, yet natural to how our minds work, that an object may represent two different things at one and the same time.  Most visual dualities - such as this one, where a magnificently worn-out construction site tarp evokes perhaps an impression of remote cosmic events - are consonant images, in the sense that the dual notions of what's here can somehow co-exist well side-by-side and do not feel as though their meanings, although widely disparate, fight one another at the conceptual level.  Contrast this image with the viewing experience that I call "narrative disruption," as presented in "Steel Mesh Landscape" and its related images that follow. 


TITLE - "Astral Tarp"
WHERE - Tarp-covered exterior wall, Burnaby, British Columbia (2018)