Print "Black Abstraction - Sun-Weathered Plywood" by Hunter Madsen

"Black Abstraction - Sun-Weathered Plywood"


At an old First Nations ("Indian") rodeo enclosure in the mountains of British Columbia, I found extravagantly weathered and peeling panels of plywood.  This image has been developed from that surface into an abstraction resembling, perhaps, the last glowing coals of a campfire sentimentally imagined by some other artist
To me, the coals here look cozy, beckoning, mastered.  Then again, they call to mind the molten magma upon whose temporarily cooled, disquietingly thin crust you and I - and all other living things on Earth - make our ways, stepping gingerly, generally unaware that the interior temperature of our seething planet is, even at this moment, only a few degrees cooler than that of the Sun from which it spun forth eons ago.



TITLE - "Black Abstraction - Sun-Weathered Plywood"
WHERE - Indian rodeo stall, Pemberton, B.C. (2014)