"Boarded Window, Abandoned House" by Hunter Madsen

"Boarded Window, Abandoned House"

Here hangs the boarded window of a tiny house in Port Moody that had been long abandoned and then ignored by its neighbourhood. The shack has since been demolished, the debris hauled away,  and replaced by something big and new.  Much like the image "What Is Past," this shot is heavy with a sense of lost history, concealed meaning, and departed life; it is our world's vast unknowable past, as well as someone's very particular, hidden, and now unretrievable life story. In other words, like a headstone so old and eroded as to have become unreadable, this spot in our vast universe is obliteration itself.  
One can hardly stand to look at such blankness for too long at any sitting, of course, yet I still find myself coming back now and then to glance at this puzzle, a confronting visual koan of sorts, because it is saying something, a meaning in masquerade as meaninglessness.   



TITLE - "Boarded Window, Abandoned House"
WHERE - Port Moody, British Columbia (2015)