Print "Chang and Fak Hong's United Magicians" by Hunter Madsen

"Chang and Fak Hong's United Magicians"


The title refers to an obscure Chinese magician's act that toured Europe in the 1920's.  After the untimely death of my friend Stuart Glenn, I came into possession of a vintage (and, alas, poorly executed) poster, printed in Spain, announcing "A Night in Tokio."  This image imagines the exotic, wizardly spell the duo meant to cast on audiences. 

Best viewed, one suspects, while listening to "Neptune, the Mystic," by Gustav Holst, who was introducing his masterwork, The Planets, in Europe during roughly the years when Chang and Fak Hong were on tour, though to rather more lasting acclaim.


TITLE - "Chang and Fak Hong's United Magicians"
WHERE - Sign shop refuse, Coquitlam, B.C. (2016)