"Clear Cut III" by Hunter Madsen

"Clear Cut III"

TITLE - "Clear Cut III"
GROUP - Uneasy Landscapes
GALLERY - Broken Places

MORE - "In wildness is the preservation of the world." - Henry David Thoreau. 

This image is one of an ongoing series depicting the rank devastation of forest clear-cuts in British Columbia. It is a visceral shock to stand directly before a mound of tree carcasses piled to a height of more than two stories and observe how the limbs of once magnificently alive creatures have been ripped from their trunks and roots with violent force, then piled together heedlessly by tractors as mere refuse... in much the way that old Nazi film clips show limp stacks of naked human corpses being shoved into disposal mounds at death camps. If the trees could bleed red blood like ours instead of brown sap, perhaps we could better recognize the tragedy of this indifferent carnage. But then, what of it? We require their body parts to cover our own, yes?, and a clearing of their lands so that we can raise up our own human forest, no? So be it.