Oil painting "Cocoon" by Hunter Madsen



My brilliant and beloved friend Marshall Kirk was, until his untimely death, beset with anxieties and fears, becoming convinced that the universe was, in myriad ways, set against his happiness.  Marshall sought to calm his soul by insulating himself from the wider world, withdrawing into his small, airtight, overly warm apartment in Boston, rebuilding a womb whose windows were assiduously lined with aluminum foil to block out all daylight and street sounds, and whose interior was dimly lit as a hoarder's warren of narrow pathways through towering piles of books, files, research materials, and keepsakes.  In the end, the world was still too much with him and there was no place left to hide.  

"Take me back, to room one."
                               - The New Musik


TITLE - "Cocoon - remembering Marshall Kirk"
WHERE - Trailer, Coalmont, British Columbia (2020)