Drawing "Constructed Self" by Hunter Madsen

"Constructed Self"


According to Carl Rogers, founder of the humanistic psychology movement from the late Fifties, the self-concept has three different components:  the view you have of yourself (your self-image), the value you place on yourself (your self-esteem or -worth), and what you wish you were really like (your ideal self).  

LGBTQ children are usually presented with dire crises on all three fronts, and spend a lifetime disentangling and redefining their personal potential - and very consciously reconstructing their selves - in the face of ubiquitous persecution, while most other kids have their comfortable identities automatically handed to them. I like to think that this early struggle has made the world's doomed sexual outcasts an interesting bunch who get broken early and, as Hemingway once observed, end up being strong in the broken places.  


TITLE - "Constructed Self"
WHERE - Port Moody, British Columbia (2019)