"Crossing the Wupper" by Hunter Madsen

"Crossing the Wupper"


TITLE - "Crossing the Wupper"
WHERE - Muengstener Bruecke, near Solingen, Germany (2015)

Completed as an extraordinary feat of engineering in Kaiser Wilhelm's time, the Mungsten Bridge remains the tallest train bridge in Germany, soaring over the Wupper River valley at a height of 351 feet. The bridge's ashamed architect is often said to have killed himself after discovering midway that his exacting design calculations were slightly off. But this is just Germans being German in their folklore ("selber Schuld!").  In actuality, the architect's mighty construction proceeded like clockwork, the bridge was finished in 1897 on schedule, and the fellow died much later at a proud old age, which is perfectly German, as well.