Photography "Death of a Portrait Photographer" by Hunter Madsen

"Death of a Portrait Photographer"

Some careers dead-end on their own, overtaken by events. The studio of a local portrait photographer had gone out of business, become derelict, and was destined to be demolished not long after I caught this shot, which was taken from inside the photographer's illuminated street marquee, with red background coming through to illuminate what resembled a bloody dagger borrowed from a dime-store crime novel. A fitting tableau. 

The British philosopher Edmund Burke once dismissed another's skills as "unfit by being fit in an unfit fitness," which pretty much describes what's befallen professional family-photo services ever since ubiquitous smart phones offering good cameras and slick editing options, in league with online photo-posting sites, have rendered their craft defunct.  One worries: won't the next technological disruption be in fine art photography? Wait - isn't that how I got here?

TITLE -"Death of a Portrait Photographer"
WHERE - Interior of abandoned photo studio sign, Coquitlam, British Columbia (2016)