Photography "Dumpers 1 and 2" by Hunter Madsen

"Dumpers 1 and 2"

TITLE - "Dumpers 1 and 2"
WHERE - Rail depot at North Vancouver dockyards, North Vancouver, British Columbia (2015)

Our species seems to take an instinctive, visceral pleasure in the grand ingenuity and the implicit rhythms of highly ordered, man-made environments and objects.  Here the gargantuan silo's of a rail-car bulk loading station at the North Vancouver dockyards gain satisfying volumes, tones, and textures in the early morning sun. This happily industrious scene evokes, for me, the heroic romance with monumental machinery so evident in the early modernist photography of Margaret Bourke White, Charles Sheeler, and others, who tapped instinctively into the inherent beauty of these forms. 

It is worth considering how, even through the joylessly flat light chosen by Bernd and Hilla Becher for the images of water towers and other huge architectural objects in the exhaustive taxonomic series they amassed later in the century, something of our inborn fascination with the imposing beauty of machines and other great human structures prevails.