Oil painting Escher's Breakdown in Four Dimensions by Hunter Madsen

Escher's Breakdown in Four Dimensions


Moebius is a surface with only one side and only one boundary, and Moebius strips, which create infinite loops, have the inscrutable mathematical property of being non-orientable. This image composes several twisting scraps of metal window-screening material seeming to coil themselves endlessly into Moebius strips atop a white sheet of printer paper, upon which the rapidly shifting light of the setting sun - introducing the fourth dimension - has cast shadows from these mesh strips that confound any exact spacial interpretation by the viewer.  With our planet whirling at its usual, breakneck speed (1670 km. per hour), I had just seconds to capture this beguiling visual conundrum before the sun plummeted below the window frame's horizon to call it a night.


TITLE - "Escher's Breakdown in Four Dimensions"
WHERE - Studio, Port Moody, B.C. (2015)