"Femme Fatale" by Hunter Madsen

"Femme Fatale"

"More often than not, barriers in the form of various resistances to a lover are placed within the sex act itself.  Choroti women spit in a lover's face during coitus. Apinaye women bite off bits of man's eyebrows, loudly spitting them aside; Ponapean men do the same to their female partners, pulling their eyebrows out by the roots. Trukese women poke their fingers into a man's ears. Trobriand Islanders, who are particularly nonrestrictive in permitting sexual liaisons, bite each other on the cheek and lips till blood flows, snap the nose and chin, tear each other's hair, and otherwise lacerate their lovers."  
      -  C. A. Tripp, The Homosexual Matrix (1975)



TITLE - "Femme Fatale"
WHERE - San Diego, California (2016)