Print "Free One-Way Ticket to New Palestine" by Hunter Madsen

"Free One-Way Ticket to New Palestine"


This small mock train ticket - no more than an inch or two high, and housed in its own case at the camp museum - evidently was custom printed by someone full of hate, who dispatched it with a smirk into the coat pocket of an unfortunate person headed to Sachsenhausen. 

And there I found it waiting, a searing ember of Freudenschade, still aglow with crueltyin the quiet and deserted museum room, where it presented its small self to me as immutable proof, against all official denials, that at least some German citizens did understand very well what was going on in the camps, and applauded.  

TITLE - "Free One-Way Ticket to New Palestine"
WHERE - Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Museum, Oranienburg (2015)