Drawing "Glory!" by Hunter Madsen



"My heart is filled with gladness when I see/ Strong castles besieged, stockades broken and overwhelmed,/ Many vassals struck down,/ Horses of the dead and wounded roving at random./  And when battle is joined, let all men of good lineage/ Think of naught but the breaking of heads and arms,/ For it is better to die than be vanquished and live.../ I tell you I have no such joy as when I hear the shout 'On! On!' from both sides and the neighing of riderless steeds,/ And groans of 'Help me! Help me!'/ And when I see both great and small/ Fall in the ditches and on the grass/ And see the dead transfixed by spear shafts!/ Lords, mortgage your domains, castles, cities,/ But never give up war!"
    - Bertrand de Born, nobleman and troubadour (d. circa 1202 )

Dante portrayed de Born marching gladly into Hell, holding his own severed head before him as a lantern. 
TITLE - "Glory"
WHERE - Siegesauele, German Monument to the Victory of 1867, damaged during World War II, Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany (2015/2019)