"Holy Ghosts" by Hunter Madsen

"Holy Ghosts"


Is God one presence or is God legion?  If just one thing, does Yahweh manifest distinct personas, potentates, or personalities to mankind?  That certainly accords with Hinduism, wherein the overlord Krishna has duly assigned some 33 million subordinates - in effect, a middle-management layer of deities - to keep the cogs of our world (the sun, the wind, motherhood, knowledge, cheese blintzes...it's quite a list) rotating as they ought.   

Of course, Hinduism is a polytheism; but don't monotheists sniff at such notions? Mormonism, an offshoot of Christianity, does not: its founding prophet unveiled God's scheme to establish an elaborate intergalactic network of mini-gods and goddesses, each couple assigned to bestride a particular planet. If you live a saintly Mormon life, the Almighty declares your deity and awards you a planet. In all, a sporting proposition.

Yet surely mainline Christianity, the Godzilla of all monotheisms, sweeps aside false idols and will have no other gods before it (including you), right?  But what about that inscrutable doctrine of the Trinity, whereby God consists of a Father, a Son, and a significant other called the Holy Ghost? "No-one fully understands it," counsels Christianity.com, "If you try to explain the Trinity, you will lose your mind.  But if you deny it, you will lose your soul." That's some lousy Sophie's Choice - I'll take what's behind Door Number 3, please.  No, wait, that's the Holy Ghost.


TITLE - "Holy Ghosts" 
WHERE - Lumbini, Nepal (2019)