"Home on the Range" by Hunter Madsen

"Home on the Range"


When I was a kid, my father, who is a lover of the Old West, a skilled marksman, and a proponent of home defence, installed a cast iron bullet trap in the corner of our double-car garage, so that he could practice shooting his small-bore pistols in the house when convenient. My father was always careful to keep his handguns - which ranged from a .22 caliber to a Colt .45 - locked safely away from the children in a case near his bedside, near where he also left off his artificial leg at nights. The thunderous clanging that came from the man's gun volleys in our garage must have disturbed my mother, not to mention our suburban neighbors, because the bullet trap fell silent after not too long, remaining unused yet securely in place at our home - part frontiersman's boast, part warning, part protective talisman - for the next half century. Unlike their neighbors, my parents never had a break-in.

TITLE - "Home on the Range"
WHERE - San Diego, California (2015)