"How Things Actually Go" by Hunter Madsen

"How Things Actually Go"

Certainty is the root of despair. The inevitable stales, while doubt and hope are sisters. Not unfortunately, the universe is as wild and game-flavoured as a hawk's wing.
Benjamin Blood
   Anaesthetic Revelation (1874)  

Chaotic disruption in places that otherwise seem orderly can be a thrill to behold.  The microcosmic beauty of this little patch of airport crosswalk comes from the way in which the intrinsic disorder and happenstance of life - of people kicking up gravel from a nearby repair spot as they rush by - asserts its own pulse and texture against the walkway designer's rigorously uniform vision of how this space should properly behave. It's the grit in the gears that catches our attention.  To this observer, the results feel a bit like Mondrian's Broadway boogie-woogie charged by Gershwin's fascinating rhythm. A static human construction arcs with haphazard life.

 "How Things Actually Go"
WHERE - Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California (2015)