"Hunk" by Hunter Madsen


A nearly-nude male body stretched out for suffering is the universal fetishized icon of the species' most popular religion, whose teachings, inevitably, abhor sexual expression of all kinds and homoeroticism in particular.  
Except for the gays among us - who cannot avert their gaze - we are disciplined to adopt a cultural blindness here, seeing nothing amiss in such otherwise patent male body worship.  What we perceive instead is either a quasi-corpse soon to vanish altogether or, alternatively, when presented as Saint Sebastian instead of Jesus, a beautiful youth whose sexualized ordeals are not the main point, only his anatomy is, being paired deliciously with the notion of innocent virginity. 
The disciples in these tableaus act out grieving and wonderment, but they might as easily be symbolizing the twinned antipodes of shame and lust.  Paging Pierre et Gilles.


TITLE - "Hunk"
WHERE - St. John Cathedral, Seattle, Washington (2022)