In an Octopus's Garden by Hunter Madsen

In an Octopus's Garden

Compared to the rest, careerists lead enchanted lives: most jobs in the world economy do not constitute much of a career, offer little job security, meagre pay and lousy hours, present no ladder to climb and not much challenge apart from bearing the tedium.  

Uncounted millions experience alienation, which the Business Dictionary describes as "a sense of estrangement felt by employees, reflected in their lack of warmth towards the organization and in believing that their job/work is not meaningful to other aspects of their lives.  Alienation is caused commonly by factors such as a lack of involvement in even basic decision making, lack of human contact, little hope for betterment, and a feeling of powerlessness." No wonder so many find themselves living for their kids, playing the lottery, watching too much porn, or obsessing over some eccentric hobby in their scant free moments.

"I took my filthy salary every week and rolled an inner eye around an inner landscape." 
- Clifford Odets

TITLE - "In an Octopus's Garden"
WHERE - Hotel front desk 3:00 a.m., Paris, France (2015)