Drawing "Inside Corridor of Camp Jailhouse" by Hunter Madsen

"Inside Corridor of Camp Jailhouse"

TITLE - "Inside Corridor of Camp Jailhouse"
WHERE - Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Museum, Oranienburg, Germany (2015)

The jailhouse contained a small number of cells laid out along a central hallway.  At the museum, the doors of these cells stood open, and one cannot exaggerate the sense of doom and concealed history that still hung about them.  To reinforce that feeling, in this image I have transformed the yellow light cast by bulbs along the central hallway into the color of splattered blood. I go back and forth about the Grand-Guignol portrayal here, since what the world does not need is more spilled blood, desensitized to it as many of us have become by slasher movies and the evening news. Even so, the visual handling conveys a deeper truth.  Mankind's jailhouse still manufactures blood-drenched horrors of such enormity on a daily basis. The old camp museum and its unthinkable past gives us, maybe, a slanted and indirect angle of view to our unthinkable present.