Photography "Jail Cell 1 - Peephole to Watch Prisoner" by Hunter Madsen

"Jail Cell 1 - Peephole to Watch Prisoner"


There was no hiding from SS fury, no place of private refuge for prisoners on the camp grounds, and least of all, in the camp's central jailhouse. Even so, the boring of cell-door peepholes appears to have been an afterthought, added to their doors one cell at a time, with coarsely improvised, somehow fiendish-looking designs.

In this sequence of photos, I have done my best to match up jail cell doors and jail cell window views according to what I recall of this frightening place. Whatever their actual pairings might have been, the series conveys the disturbing sense of fostered claustrophobia and pending violence that hung about this holding tank, practically frozen over in the winter's chill.


TITLE -"Jail Cell 1 - Peephole to Watch Prisoner"
WHERE - Jailhouse, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Museum, Oranienburg, Germany (2015)