"Kill" by Hunter Madsen


"The world is not a factory, and animals are not products for our use."  -  Schopenahauer
TITLE - "Kill"
WHERE - Barnyard cow, Liebenberg Estate, Liebenberg, Germany (2015)

What demented deity has thought to make such a universe, where the survival of each creature depends upon its killing and devouring others - depends, in other words, upon subjecting countless other living individuals to heart-pounding terror, bloody suffering, and early death? Even ordinary livestock animals develop distinct personalities, preferences, affections, and memories shaped by their experiences. All are capable of joy. Many smile when happy. Some furred creatures, such as hogs, entertain one another with humor. 

To realize these personal details would making killing them for meat unbearable to most kindly people.  So you turn a blind eye, you eat, and you live on to continue your journey by putting a terrible end to theirs. Worse, you're dishonest with yourself about this, hiding the murder trail by asking proxies to wield your bloody knife for you, working off-stage at slaughterhouses and butcher shops. Even vegetarians realize that, in eating greens, they are killing other living organisms to advance their own longevity.  That said, you also recognize, like me, that this moral predicament, at bottom, is not of your making. Better to blame the dog-eat-dog evolution of life on Earth - which is God's intelligent design, after all - for its general failure to be compassionate design.