"Looking. Not looking." by Hunter Madsen

"Looking. Not looking."


Wild things are instinctive fakers, no different from people, and sometimes this entails pretending not to see potentially threatening or upsetting things.  When this apprehensive Rottweiler saw me approaching the truck where his owner had commanded him to stay, he immediately averted his eyes and looked away in a fixed expression, feigning total inattention and disregard; yet I sensed that he was monitoring my every move from the corner of his eye as I took time to set up the shot.
I clicked away for more than a minute, during which time the big fellow didn't move a muscle. Feeling his fear was greater than mine, I stood my ground. Time slowed down between him and me, the tension palpable, yet nothing was signaled. Like an awkward encounter with a stranger at some pickup bar, I sought connection; he did not.

 "Looking. Not Looking."
WHERE - Walmart parking lot, Santee, California (2017)