Macho by Hunter Madsen


Masculine qualities and roles are expected of boys and men. Favored traits include strength, courage, independence, leadership, assertiveness, and large genitalia, all of which somehow come together to trigger thuggy boorishness, ranging from man-splaining from on high to man-spreading from below. Rampaging testosterone is said to be intimately involved, even among toddlers, in the impulse toward masculine display.

Machismo is an aspect of masculinity that, starting in the teen years, relishes the flexing of power and the imposition of sexual potency without due regard for consequences and responsibility. Among our fellow hominid species, such assertion is universally a guy thing, and tends to end sub-optimally for all competing males except for the momentary king of the hill and harem.  


TITLE - "Macho"
WHERE - Monkey temple, Kathmandu, Nepal (2019)