"Melted Rocking Horse" by Hunter Madsen

"Melted Rocking Horse"

TITLE - "Melted Rocking Horse"
WHERE - Schrebergarten cottage fire, Hamburg, Germany (2015)

Exploring a Schrebergarten compound near Hamburg, I found myself wandering into someone's walled garden, whose substantial cottage - evidently having been converted to include sleeping quarters and a family workshop of some sort - had been reduced, some time ago, to cinders by a fire. The blaze must have been fierce, since many belongings, such as the kitchen's metal flatware, had melted like cheese.  And now the wreckage stood as vacant as Hill House, and utterly still.  

As I poked my way cautiously through corroded power tools and blackened rubble, I turned a corner to come upon a small presence emanating such darkness that I felt an un-modern feeling - spiritual dread - and froze in its stare.  A toddler's plastic rocking horse had been transformed by the inferno into a horrific vulture, splattered with flame retardant, something wicked waiting there in the silence - lord of the disaster - for who knows how long, to meet my gaze.