"Melted Rocking Horse" by Hunter Madsen

"Melted Rocking Horse"

TITLE - "Melted Rocking Horse, after Cottage Fire"
WHERE - Schrebergarten cottage fire, Hamburg, Germany (2015)

Exploring a Schrebergarten compound near Hamburg, I found myself wandering across one garden whose substantial cottage - evidently having been converted to include a family workshop of some sort - had been reduced to cinders by a fire. The blaze must have been intense, since many belongings, such as the kitchen's metal flatware, had melted like cheese.  
The wreckage was now vacant and silent.  As I poked cautiously through corroded power tools and blackened rubble, I suddenly came upon a small presence emanating such darkness that I felt an un-modern feeling - dread - and froze in its stare.  It seemed as though this thing had been waiting there in the charred stillness, for who knows how long.  

It must originally have been a young child's plastic rocking horse, now melted alarmingly into the conformation of a vulture and splattered with fire retardant. Presiding forlornly, lord of the disaster.