"Monkey See" by Hunter Madsen

"Monkey See"


Although, for many, the fervour derives more from tribal affiliation than from sacred conviction, today four out of five humans worldwide subscribe to an organized religion of some kind: mostly Christianity (31%), Islam (24%), and Hinduism (15%), followed by Buddhism (7%) and a welter of folk and traditional religions (6%). Mormons make up two-tenths of one percent, and Judaism, the ancient creed of our choosy God's most chosen people, adds up to about the same.

The rest of the animal world is different.  Although certain intelligent creatures, such as elephants and dogs, might display some awareness of death and may grieve for departed companions, there is no evidence that any non-human animals believe in a supreme deity or deities, have any conception of metaphysics or an afterlife, make artifacts that bear ritual significance, or exhibit the other behaviours common to mankind's religions. Whether other creatures can possess any sense of the supernatural, let alone faith,  depends upon a sufficiently broad, and perhaps wilful, definition of both.


TITLE - "Monkey See"
WHERE - Kathmandu, Nepal (2019)