Painting "Nowhere - Clear Cut" by Hunter Madsen

"Nowhere - Clear Cut"


This still life - a sap-suppurating, two-story mound of macerated tree snags at a forest clear-cut site - has been tinted to equate this indifferent slaughter with animal carnage and war.  The image is anchored by a stump whose horribly rent limbs remind me distinctly of a nightmarish figure from Hell depicted by the medieval painter, Hieronymus Bosch.  Our voracious species has become the dark overlord of unnecessary chaos on Earth.  Our kind sucks all other living things into humanity's death cyclone, then reorders the sundered remnants according to our own narrowed and diminished aesthetic.  



TITLE - "Nowhere - Clear Cut"
WHERE - Chemainus Reservation, Vancouver Island, B.C. (2015)