Drawing "Nowhere - Pressboard Frieze" by Hunter Madsen

"Nowhere - Pressboard Frieze"

Maybe you think it's better to deal with the devil you know than the one you cannot possibly understand.  Does it sting slightly less to suffer the slings and arrows of divine justice than to be torn apart by a meaningless asteroid belt of random events?  Isn't the harm of chaos more hideous in being unjustified, arbitrary, and senseless? (Don't ask Job.)

Because it bows to no law, chaos strikes us as the greater menace, confounding choice and agency.  We tend to suppose that, in a better universe guided by fairness and common sense, yes, bad things may still happen, but at least our personal virtue and prudence might offer some shield, and we can appeal for mercy.  If we're in not-chaos, then maybe god is still our co-pilot, we're still headed for paradise, and any stumbles amount to lessons which might prove fortuitous in the end.

But what if we doubt such optimism? Then only love and be

This bloody battlefield skirmish I found between bed frames on the semi-finished plywood floor of a funky furniture store.  The brute-force flattening of wood scraps to create press-boards creates micro-tableaus of minor, otherwise overlooked events in the mad course of our universe that are as beautiful as they are violent.

TITLE - "Nowhere - Pressboard Frieze"
WHERE - San Diego, California (2016)