"Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking" by Hunter Madsen

"Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking"

  "The death of an infant means that one life, even before consciousness arrives, passes from one eternity into the next." 
       - Ai Weiwei, from "Time, Space, and the Virus" 

This infant squirrel, newly born and beautifully formed, felt its way out of a hidden nest in my home's rafters, crashing senseless to the cement below, its eyes never having opened to the world.  The black hole of so many erased possibilities fills our vast universe with loss, and yet somehow fails to engulf the remainder.  What's left to us is heartbreakingly brief yet, still, it is life.

TITLE - "Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking"
WHERE - Port Moody, British Columbia (2020)