"Paranormal" by Hunter Madsen




What sense are we to make of paranormal reports predicated, quite obviously, on our species' timeless, inborn inclination, or so it seems, to hear things go bump in the night and scare ourselves silly with morbid speculations about ghosts and the like?  

For what it's worth, my spouse and I once beheld, in the plain noonday sun unassisted by alcohol or hallucinogens, what could only have been the living presence, or at least the convincing holographic visage, of a 19th-century man (as his dress suggested) momentarily displaced in time and crouching just a few feet away from us, for fewer than five seconds before he dematerialized - utterly, impossibly - without a trace. 
This incident took place on the outskirts of Bodie, a long-abandoned mining town - indeed, a so-called ghost town - in the Sierra Nevada range of California.  To this day, we have no logical explanation for our experience, other than to suppose some freakish, momentary breakdown in time-space continuum at that location, an instant when two realities, two disparate events on the timeline of that specific spot, somehow became visible to us. The event is fun to relate and carries a numinous shadow, and yet we felt no particular fear at the time.  


TITLE - "Paranormal"
WHERE - Paris, France (2015)