Print "Puppet" by Hunter Madsen



1)  Because God knows everything, God knows everything that will happen in the future. 

2)  But then God must know every action I will take. 

3)  If that is the case, then there is nothing that I can do differently (if I were to do something differently, then that would contradict the idea that God knew what I was going to do).

4)  In other words, my every action and choice has already been settled in advance.

5)  Therefore, I have no free will, not merely in a material universe of relentlessly unfolding cause-and-effect, but even if such a mechanical universe is governed by God.

6) Then what gives me pause?  Why does choosing light over darkness still feel like the script that I should try to read from, speaking out my printed lines of code with the conviction, at least, of a bot?

TITLE - "Puppet"
WHERE - Port Moody, British Columbia (2017)