Rapture and Raptor by Hunter Madsen

Rapture and Raptor


Selfless pursuit of higher truths and the greater wholeness - this is something that most of us accomplish only once in a great while, which leaves our religious impulse unfettered, the rest of the time, to associate itself noxiously with whatever fears, judgements, and moral weaknesses may be riding our souls. About the elements of Christianity, observed James Baldwin, "I would love to believe that the principles were Faith, Hope, and Charity, but this is clearly not so for most Christians, or for what we call the Christian world.  The principles [are] Blindness, Loneliness, and Terror, the first principle necessarily and actively cultivated in order to deny the two others." 


TITLE - "Rapture and Raptor"
WHERE - Window decal and reflected lights, Frei Universitat, Berlin, Germany (2015)