Oil painting "Recycled Mountainside" by Hunter Madsen

"Recycled Mountainside"


Here is a giant mound of piled and baled plastic bottles, every one of them emptied by needy humans, that have been prepared now for recycling so that they can be reshaped and refilled and drained again, and then again... The roiling scene induces panic in this onlooker, yet its complex texture is refined and lovely when abstracted into reversed black-and-white. The image suggests, perhaps, a lush mountainside of bounding waterfalls, the sort of verdant Nature now disappearing across our overheated planet, in the wake of man's ravening consumption of, well, everything.  New images of this sort, if we squint our eyes and apply the limitless imagination of our species, may serve ably as mankind's new-world substitute for that old, defunct natural beauty. Onward. 


TITLE - "Recycled Mountainside"
WHERE - Bottle collection depot, Surrey, B.C. (2015)