Drawing "Roadside Omen" by Hunter Madsen

"Roadside Omen"


Driving through local forest along a rural byway, I noticed in the roadside weeds a beautifully undulated strip of plastic caution tape in hot pink, the sort of banner that one sees tied to trees marked for cutting, or stapled as a caution to the end of framing lumber protruding from the back of a truck.  By gloriously random chance, the wind had twisted this strip into a gesture of elegance that few human designers, attempting the same, could match.  I found the ribbon's hot pink tone and conventional work connotations distracting, so I have modified the color of both the ribbon and the grassy background in this image to help viewers enjoy what is exquisite here without worrying about how the ribbon came to be.

TITLE - "Roadside Omen"
WHERE - Port Moody, B.C. (2014)