"Romantic Figure in Construction Landscape" by Hunter Madsen

"Romantic Figure in Construction Landscape"


TITLE - "Romantic Figure in Construction Landscape"
WHERE - Construction Site, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia (2016)

The effort to extrude beauty somehow from the otherwise dismal-seeming industrial landscapes of our times sometimes requires a thorough disregard for the integrity of the subject as originally encountered and the forced application of art tricks that become, ultimately, the only thing that the image is "about" - love it or leave it on its own purpled terms.  I imagine that, if the Russian mystic composer Scriabin (d. 1915) had picked up a camera today, he might be shooting desperately-escapist images along such lines, probably enhanced further with wafting veils of sandalwood incense and troops of expressive dancers whirling into view. Scriabin went mad, of course, which crosses a line.