"Something Goes Wrong" by Hunter Madsen

"Something Goes Wrong"

TITLE - "Something Goes Wrong"
WHERE - Auto wreck yard, El Cajon, California (2017)

So we putt-putt along in our private corner of the universe, until suddenly, out of the blue, something goes wrong, inevitably, catastrophically; and within what seems like a split second, our little interior light shuts off. Ride over.  

On the vagaries of fate - so often serendipitous, until it isn't - take in this fine reading of "Could Have," by Wislawa Szymborska.

"The difference between Despair/ And Fear - is like the One/ Between the instant of a Wreck -/ And when the Wreck has been - The Mind is smooth - no Motion -/ Contented as the Eye/ Upon the Forehead of a Bust -/ That knows - it cannot see -"   
- Emily Dickinson (1862)