"Soul of Man" by Hunter Madsen

"Soul of Man"

We cannot be the observer, cannot separate our persons meaningfully from the God we behold and worship, or from the rest of the universe God created, unless we choose to imagine our transcendent and eternal selves as something fundamentally distinct from both Creator and Creation.  This is the essence that most religions would call the soul of man.  If we're a difference thing than God and others, then this thing, our soul, can stand improvement, and it could conceivably be saved or lost, vouchsafed or fatally compromised through its actions, which means it has agency, which means it can exercise choice.  There is, of course, a foul conceitedness built into the notion of our human soul: it makes the core meaning of the entire universe, and the purpose of living, about us, us, us. -- about our self-preservation and enhancement.  
Asks Ramblin' Jack Elliot, what is the soul of man?  

Replies John Ashbery, a bit bleakly,

"...the soul is not a soul,/ Has no secret, is small, and it fits Its hollow perfectly: it's room, our moment of attention." 

TITLE - "Soul of Man"
WHERE - Vancouver, British Columba (2020)