Oil painting Steel Mesh Landscape - 4C by Hunter Madsen

Steel Mesh Landscape - 4C


Now comes an interpretive twist. From creating beauty through ordinary visual complexity emerges an additional approach, which I think of as "narrative disruption."  I look for "cross-disruptive" settings in order to create images of alienated beauty, that is, images whose content cannot easily be classified by the mind as something it has experienced many times before.

In disruption, two or more distinct narrative elements in an image compete for dominance in the viewer's mind, which in one moment is noticing, here, the coils of steel mesh in the foreground and in the next moment is trying to make sense of the background building facade obscured by the mesh.  Since each narrative invades and disrupts the other, the viewer's mind resolves the contradiction by accepting, in this image, a unique, third reality that combines and makes sense of elements from both stories.  

In this case, we come to accept, if only provisionally, a reality in which objects float mysteriously in fragmentation and present entirely new and unfamiliar textures.


TITLE - "Steel Mesh Landscape - 4C"
WHERE - Cement factory, Vancouver, B.C. (2015)