Steel Mesh Landscape - Second-Stage Disruption by Hunter Madsen

Steel Mesh Landscape - Second-Stage Disruption


This image adds further layers of narrative disruption to the content of "Steel Mesh Landscape," layering a pattern of rapidly shifting, late-day light filtered by my studio blinds, and pulling back from the image so that the viewer can take in its outer context and boundaries as well. The colours are further enhanced.  The fleeting result is an otherworldly image whose component elements - the original image, its disrupted content, the slanted light, the framing, the intense hues - all of these aspects work together to ignite a viewing experience that becomes richer and more singular than the mere sum of its parts, with no clear meanings other than the image itself as a shimmering unity.  



TITLE - "Steel Mesh Landscape - Second-Stage Disruption"
WHERE - Cement factory, Vancouver, B.C. (2015)