Oil painting Steel Mesh Phoenix, Third-Stage Disruption by Hunter Madsen

Steel Mesh Phoenix, Third-Stage Disruption


This image takes narrative disruption of "Steel Mesh Landscape" still further.  Like Russian nesting dolls of content, the subject of the original image - coiled wire mesh at a cement factory that disrupts and complicates the viewer's interpretation of the factory wall behind it - became the nominal subject of a follow-on image showing the factory shot tacked to a wall where late-day shadows disrupted its interpretation. 

In this diptych we find additional disruptions of that secondary narrative. I have introduced strong light contrast, black-and-white toning (from the initial monotype), and a flipped dual image that transform the visual story into this intensely textured and toned chevron.  The design's abstracted details and glinting futurist menace become the chief aspects to enjoy. Those who've seen the sequence's preceding images get the additional pleasure of spelunking to spot elements of the original cement-factory narrative, which rises again here, reborn. 



TITLE - "Steel Mesh Phoenix, Third-Stage Disruption"
WHERE - Studio, Port Moody, B.C. (2017)