"Tantrum Planet" by Hunter Madsen

"Tantrum Planet"

Like the three wise men, we seem ever in search of the holy infant, a vessel of innocence who is nonetheless also a god in gestation. Buddhists believe Gautama performed miracles in his youth, and Christians believe the same about the Christ Child. Hindus are said to regard children as little gods, and view birth defects as blessed distinctions. Tibetans search among their toddlers for the next reincarnated leader. 

Mormons aren't necessarily big on kids but they're huge on "exaltation," the kooky theory that the nicest people among them will be allocated their very own planets to rule, once they die.  If this reward system applies as well to nice kids who die young, perhaps this explains why our world seems to have gone entirely haywire and off-tilt of late: under new management?

TITLE - "Tantrum Planet"
WHERE - Port Moody, British Columbia (2021)