"The Fog of War" by Hunter Madsen

"The Fog of War"

"That the war, at the beginning, could appear to many as a way to erotic liberation and unlimited expression of sensuality points to one of the numerous errors that springs from complete ignorance of modern warfare... It was necessary for the war, with all its frightful reality, to show up, in tragic-comic fashion, the slight possibility of release for the erotic impulse as compared to the extremely far-flung expectations on that subject... In the trenches there was no place for sexual life... Here one became an animal, only without the right of the animal to enjoy the free satisfaction of its instincts." 
          - Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, The Sexual History of the World War (1946)


TITLE - "The Fog of War"
WHERE - Siegesauele, Monument to Victory of 1867, Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany (2015)