"The Mother Rests" by Hunter Madsen

"The Mother Rests"


For even the happiest of voyagers, if it lasts long enough, life begins in boom and ends in bust.  One observes a cumulative exhaustion that comes to each of us from living life fully, racing to meet its relentless demands, and taking care of others from one day to the next. In certain moments, this bone-deep weariness comes to the surface.

Here I caught the fatigue of a mother who had fallen dead-asleep on a cushioned bench at a noisy transit point in an airport, as her teenage sons, waiting for their flight to Mexico, looked on and made room for her brief respite.  

At one and the same time, the composition suggested a depleted madonna, a bereft Ophelia, and somebody's loved one laid out tenderly for last rites. From where I stood, the pair of cushions supporting the mother created an hourglass, through which, it seemed, her care-worn life was being poured.  

This is our journey, too, and the journey is hard.

TITLE - "The Mother Rests"
WHERE - San Francisco, California (2016)