Drawing "The Museum of Italian History" by Hunter Madsen

"The Museum of Italian History"



"Never be a cynic, even a gentle one. Never help out a sneer, even at the devil."   - Vachel Lindsay 


Where now, Western civ, if we are no longer heading toward a cosmopolitan future, a confederation of open societies, as we'd all been thinking? Rome's republic fell to its own demagogues, and likewise it seems as though our liberal triumphalism now gives way to a corrosive new critique from within that heads in no clear direction, points fear-twisted fingers in all directions, and devolves into coarse tribalism. Have the barbarians at our gate turned out to be us, and no kind of solution, after all? 

TITLE - "The Museum of Italian History"
WHERE - Statuary shop, Burnaby, B.C. (2014)