"The Scaffold Calliope" by Hunter Madsen

"The Scaffold Calliope"


Our car comes to an abrupt halt in midtown behind a flatbed truck that carries a dazzling stack of steel scaffolding struts.  A syncopated pattern presents itself in the alternating colors of their feet, looking as joyful as a steam calliope tune. 
Is this the pleasing gestalt that comes from system, or from chance choices and mistakes, or from artist interventions, or from the dancing interplay of all of this?  And which construction guy or trucker signed this ephemeral array with an "E," and why oh why?  The traffic light changes, the kaleidoscope of time gets shaken once more, and we all move on. 

TITLE - "The Scaffold Calliope"
WHERE - Coquitlam, Canada (2017)