"The World" by Hunter Madsen

"The World"


"The world is too much with us," lamented Wordsworth at the start of the Industrial Revolution, as he watched an urbanizing populace turn away from Nature. His warning seems more apt than ever to our next generation, though for quite different reasons.  
So many human-induced maladies of our beleaguered natural world are now attaining cyclone force and heading with a vengeance into shore. Desert, flood, drought, maelstrom, pestilence, pollution, dwindling, extinction, alienation and severe want - all of these afflictions, steeped in terror and sorrow, are now jostling for room on the doorstep of our children's children, daring them to come out and play.  

As Leonard Cohen said, I have seen the future and, brother, it's murder.

TITLE - "The World"
WHERE - Kathmandu, Nepal (2019)