Photography Tidal Flats, Turaname Isl. by Hunter Madsen

Tidal Flats, Turaname Isl.

Teetering midway between what actually is and what could possibly be, this is an image of a tidal flat located at the southern terminus of San Francisco Bay.  This was home turf for William Garnett, the pioneer of crisply realist, aerial art photography.  

Neither the named island nor the image's toning are accurate to the source content. Each is an aesthetic enhancement that works to contradict and dismiss the relevance of the real-world coordinates, since aiming for documentary fidelity here would contribute nothing to the viewer's appreciation of the image as art or the experience of this notional location as somewhere wondrous.  


TITLE - "Tidal Flats, Turaname Isl."
WHERE - San Francisco, California (2012)