"Transient Souls" by Hunter Madsen

"Transient Souls"


Speaking of confusing non-signage, could anything be more profoundly challenging for a child than to realize, from earliest years, that they have been somehow born, mysteriously and perhaps maliciously, into the body of a gender idea different from that of their mind and person? 

Can one even imagine what inner strength and urgency would be required at the age of six or eight or ten to undertake the arduous journey to bring one's outer reality - physical, emotional, social - into line with one's complex inner truth, amidst the world's uncomprehending rejection? 

Transgendered persons of all ages and polarities earn my deep respect. We have much to learn from them about gender and the self, both intrinsic and constructed.

TITLE - "Transient Souls"
WHERE - Discarded sign templates found behind a shop, Coquitlam, B.C. (2016)